My last trip – my first trip to Stockholm

Around Stockholm
Tyska Kyrkan
on a ferry, from Vaxholm
Artipelag Museum
Sunset in Värmdö
Vasa Museum

I’ve always wanted to visit Stockholm, but I only got the chance to do it this year, about 2 months ago.

And I’ve been overwhelmed with its beauty. And I’m not talking about the city alone, but its surroundings too. Did you know there are 24,000 islands in the archipelago?

I was also lucky enough to have an amazing weather. Mostly sunny,  blue sky, and just a little bit of rain that didn’t really bother us.

I stayed at my friends’ place, and they took me everywhere. And I mean…I’ve seen in four days more than I’ve seen elsewhere in two weeks. The landscapes? Oh.My.God. Stunning! Clear, strongly saturated colors, mostly green and blue (that’s how it felt to me). Sometimes I had this strange yet beautiful feeling that this place lies under a magnifying glass. Couldn’t really explain why. It’s just that sometimes I felt that each ray of sun is thicker and stronger here. It makes no sense, but that’s how it looked to me.

I’m starting my traveling stories with my last trip as it’s also linked to my next one – I’ll be back there in several days for my friends’ wedding.

But if you ever get the chance to travel there and have the possibility to book a place outside Stockholm, it’s totally worth it. Public transportation works like clockwork, so you won’t be left outside the urban life. In return you’ll get massive amounts of fresh air, amazing landscapes and and overdose of nature.

Take care,



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