Stockholm perspectives



Björkvik brygga


Midnight sun
Royal Palace



Vasa Museum
Nordiska Museum

Last week I went to my friends’ wedding, getting to see Stockholm and its surroundings for a second time. I won’t be posting pictures with the event, as it’s a private thing. But I will say this: the tourist in me was once again impressed by those places. We got some amazing weather, windy but lots of sun. So we managed to see and do a lot of things. What helped is that the infrastructure over there works perfectly, so even if you lived in the middle of nowhere and had no car, you could easily get to pretty much everywhere just by using public transportation. Hooray to that!

So what hit me first was the night. Oh, wait…there is no proper night this time of year, so you get to see the midnight sun. And for someone who lives further South, that’s quite something. That never-ending light kept us awake and chatty til morning.

We went to Björkvik brygga the day after the wedding, to see the landscape once again…sigh! The air, the sun reflecting in the water, that stillness of nature, the trees, beach, cliffs, sea, tons if tiny little islands in sight, the sun and the blue sky…that’s just breathtaking.

And one evening we got a boat ride around the archipelago, from Ålstäket (I guess/ hope that’s the correct name) to some place that showed up on the map as Baggensfjärden. Between all that we also visited Stockholm, and went to see the Vasa Museum, Nordiska Museum, Royal Palace and the parade for Sweden’s National Day. With all those images in mind, I can’t wait to get back. Cause not only did I see some beautiful places, but I also got to spend time with amazing people.


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