Kings Of Leon – June 17th, 2017

Kings Of Leon
Kings Of Leon
Kings Of Leon
Kings Of Leon
Kings Of Leon


Not going to talk about fashion in this post. Or VM, or anything close to these, for that matter.

Yesterday I wasn’t really having the best day ever. So all I wanted to do was to stay in bed and watch movies. But then I got a message from my friend, telling me that I got an early B-day present: I was going to see Kings of Leon…in, like, a couple of hours, going!!!

And I went, and I loved every second of it, and I had a great time listening to good music and amazing live interpretation. The set and whole concert scenography design rocked. It was a show soaked in lights, transitioning from one theme to the other.

Everybody was expecting KOL like crazy. And at one point a massive beating heart showed up on the two screens placed on each side of the stage. That pulsing heart pumped up the vibes and the crowd exploded when they showed up. One thing that impressed me the most is that you don’t get to see the superstars. What you get are pretty down to earth, cool guys. They performed constantly and beautifully for 1h45′, changing the registry like you won’t believe it. The concert started with “Over”, and the show was split in two by “Walls“. I loved it, I really did.

And to think that I was planning to spend the evening in bed…so boring!

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  1. They came to South Africa many years ago and I had an exam an hour before the concert 😭 I’m still upset.

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    1. I’m SO sorry 😦 … their performance was stunning!!! So make sure you get to seem them next time you have the chance, cause it’s absolutely worth it!

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